All members enjoyed a blessed Ramadhan and most members wrapped it up with Eid Celebrations.Though our hearts were stricken with grief on the martyrdom of Ahmadi ladies and young girls in Gujranwala, Pakistan and the genocide of innocent Palestinians in Gaza, families went to Masjid BaituRrehman on July 29th for Eid prayers. As one respected[…]

Getting Ready for Ramadan

Here are some important announcements for the month of Ramadan – starting June 29th – this year. Days change: Based on a majority of Amla members input, this year, Iftar will be held on Friday and Saturday (instead of Saturday and Sunday). Please make a note of it. Dar-ul-Quran: Please come at least 45 minutes before Iftar to attend Dars-ul-Quran by Imam Hammad sb. During[…]