All members enjoyed a blessed Ramadhan and most members wrapped it up with Eid Celebrations.Though our hearts were stricken with grief on the martyrdom of Ahmadi ladies and young girls in Gujranwala, Pakistan and the genocide of innocent Palestinians in Gaza, families went to Masjid BaituRrehman on July 29th for Eid prayers. As one respected member put it: ” Our hearts are full of pathos but we have come to celebrate Eid in accordance with the¬†commandment of Allah(swt).”
Members gathered together in Patapsco State Park for a picnic. They thanked Allah over a BBQ. Children enjoyed sports and playground and older members just chatted away. JazaakAlalh to all those who brought yummy food, fruit and snacks. InshahAllah more such plans would be made for future eids. May Allah(swt) grant world peace and have mercy on Ahmadi Muslims as well as all other Muslims and humanity all around the world and may one day we celebrate an Eid where every one would be rejoicing together in peace and pleasure InshahAllah.

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