Senator Cardin Celebrates Ramadan With Us

Senator Ben Cardin, current member of the US Senate representing the state of Maryland, visited the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Baltimore chapter for the second time on Sunday, the third of July 2016. The occasion was an outreach event by the AMC coinciding with the breaking of the fast, iftar, by members and other non-Ahmadi Muslim friends during the holy month of Ramadan. By the Grace of Allah, the total number present was around 170, 15 of which were guests including a pastor.

Senator Cardin shared his vision with us of a society in which radical extremism is defeated as well as discrimination against Muslims and all others. We appreciated his sentiments. The AMC, Baltimore branch was honored to host its guests, not because of fame or politics, but simply because honoring one’s guests is an intrinsic part of Islamic teachings. We were happy to know that Senator Cardin and our other respected guests felt welcomed and loved.

Why would this make us so happy? Only and only because in a time of turbulence and Islamophobia we, as Ahmadi Muslims, followers of the Messiah of the Age (peace be upon him) and his Khalifa (may Allah strengthen his hands), by honoring and showing love to our neighbours, represented the truth of Our Master, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him). We thus peacefully defended his honor. In these last few holy days of Ramadan, we pray that Allah make us mirrors for his light of truth, and that by spreading His light the narrative on Islam in society is changed completely.

Below is a short clip where our dear Uncle Hamza talks about how things have changed in the best manner


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