Getting Ready for Ramadan

Here are some important announcements for the month of Ramadan – starting June 29th – this year.

Days change: Based on a majority of Amla members input, this year, Iftar will be held on Friday and Saturday (instead of Saturday and Sunday). Please make a note of it.

Dar-ul-Quran: Please come at least 45 minutes before Iftar to attend Dars-ul-Quran by Imam Hammad sb. During the month of Ramadan, he will cover Sura Al’Hujurat (chapter 49).

Tirwaeeh: Will be led, as always, by Hafiz Abdul Qudus sb.

Adhan and Salat: Like last year, we will continue to encourage our youth to call the Adhan and lead Maghrib and Isha prayers. Parents are requested to please coach their children and then submit me the names of children who would like to participate.

Food preparations: Like last year, the food team of Nasir Jamil sb will prepare Iftar food on premises. Members who want to cook food at home and be responsible for an Iftar will have the option to do so. More details will be forthcoming.

Location: Ramadan programs will all be held at the Baltimore Mission House at 4406 Garrison Blvd. We are planing to erect a marquee for men on the grassy area outside. External painting of the mosque is also planned before Ramadan.

Openness: Members are encouraged to invite their non-Ahmadi Muslim and non-Muslim guests to attend the Dars and join us for Iftar.

Itekaaf: Requests for Itekaaf must be sent to me via email by June 5th so proper arrangements could be made. Last minute requests are not easy to accommodate.

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