Our members have proudly defended the true face of Islam in the media by writing Letters-to Editor as well as Op-Eds . Our community has also been mentioned in many papers. Below are some examples of these published pieces.


Ahmadiyya Muslims to Open a New Mosque

Baltimore Sun

By Frank P.L. Somerville –  October 7, 1994


Rejected Muslim Sect Keeps Faith

Washington Post

By Jacqueline L. Salmon – August 30, 2008


Persecuted Muslim Sect Uses Brochure Campaign to Push for Peace

New York Times

By Samuel G. Freedman – August 6, 2010


Working together, drawing together

Sun Sentinel

June 1, 2012


New Mosque in the Heart of Large US Jewish Neighborhood

Isreal National News

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu June 4, 2012


Global Voices: Ahmadis’ mission of peace in an age of terror

LA Times

By Carol J. Williams – May 9, 2013


Clamoring for the Khalifa

Wall Street Journal

By Tamura Audi – May 12, 2013


Spreading The Truth

Jewish Times

By Heather Norris – October 17, 2013


Coming Together

Jewish Times

By Heather Norris – January 30, 2014



Blood Drive seeks to offer avenue to remember 9/11

Baltimore Sun

By Aysha Khan – September 14 2011


Iran hikers freed; others should be, too

Baltimore Sun

By Aasilah Loan – September 25, 2011


Sept. 11 blood drive a great success

Baltimore Sun

By Maaiz Khan – October 6, 2011


Muslims shouldn’t blame America for anti-Islam video

Baltimore Sun

By Surmud Jamil – September  28, 2012


Shooting of Malala Yousafzai mars the Legacy of Muhammad

Washington Post

By Aasilah Loan – October 15, 2012


Pakistani teen spoke against injustice

Baltimore Sun

By Mohammad Iqbal Khan – October 16, 2012


Peace possible when guided by justice, not self-interest

Baltimore Sun

By Mohammad Iqbal Khan – December 9, 2012


Reaction to Pakistan bombings felt in Howard County

Baltimore Sun

Hiba Malik – October 1, 2013



Growing up Muslim after 9/11

Baltimore Sun

By Basir Jamil – September 12, 2010


Bin Laden’s death: A 7th-grader’s view

Baltimore Sun

By Shireen Younus – May 10 2011


To fight Taliban, US must give Afghanistan schools

Christian Science Monitor

By Faheem Younus – November 1, 2012



Aysha Khan

The Medium


Shireen Younus

Huffington Post


Tahira Ammar

Huffington Post


Amatus Khan

The Examiner


Faheem Younus

Huffington Post


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