Muslims for Loyalty in Annapolis

An estimated  3,000 people lined the street of downtown Annapolis to watch the annual July 4th parade. Among the floats, performers, firetrucks and marching bands  was the Baltimore Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

With a platoon of some 15 members, the Baltimore Jamaat marched on  Maryland’s Capital City.  Some members passed out Muslim For Loyaty flyers while others carried banners and still others, including children, road in the Tabligh Trailer, waving to the welcoming and applauding crowd.

As usual, our motto resonated with the crowd. As we bent the final turn in front of the dignitaries’ grandstand, the announcer announced … “Welcome to the The Ama-day-ya  Muslims who’s motto is Love For All Hatred For None. “.  It was a heart warming moment…we’ll work on their pronunciation next year.

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