Tahir Academy Important Announcement

Tahir Academy Baltimore will InshahAllah reopen on Sunday September 14th 2014Please note that the new time for the school is 9am that was decided with consent of Board Members and parents. A regular school day would end at 1pm after lunch and salat.

During the summers we saw an enthusiastic participation from students for Jummas. Also many Tahir Academy Atfal led Maghrib and Isha Salat in Ramadan. You were all so good and made us immensely proud. Young students rushed to complete the recitation of 5 or more parts of the Holy Quran, observed suhoor and read Taraveeh prayers. Please continue to read the Books that were assigned in the Tahir Academy HW list and continue to memorize your assigned Surahs as well! Tahir Academy Baltimore has registered 41 students and some of them will be new to the school community. The School Board has recruited new volunteers for  History of Islam, Nasirat and Atfal classes and we are excited to offer you a new year full of enriching experience. Uniform shirts for Atfal and teachers were ordered last month and we will contact you as soon as we the shipment arrives. We wish you all to have a blessed and happy break till we see you again onSeptember 14th inshahAllah. Take Care for now.

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