Tahir Academy Baltimore’s First Annual Ameen & Award Ceremony

On Sunday June 1, at Baitul Kareem mosque there was an End-of-the-Year Ceremony. This ceremony involved many Ameen Ceremonies for those who finished the Quran and awards for those who participated and helped in the rising of Tahir Academy Baltimore. This school day started regularly with Quran and Qaida classes switching to Islamic history and its basics, but after Zuhr prayers the ceremony started.

First, the Ameen Ceremonies were celebrated with recitations by Basit Kukoyi, Labeed Toor, Amtul Maima Cheema, and Minahil Ahmad. Then the prizes were distributed to those with Ameens, those who had good participation as students, and those who made the school possible.

A small parent/teacher conference followed, with an excellent speech by Semiat Aina about the importance of education and the pursuit for knowledge. Refreshments were brought out in the form of some filling cake, samosa, chips, cookies, and juice, which was more than just refreshing. After Asr prayers people left with small chatter about the surprisingly good time they had, and some wondering about what was to come in the next year.

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