Baitus Samad is now open for Jummah prayers.

Masjid Baitus Samad is now open, Alhamdolilah, Friday Sermon starts at 1:30pm, please arrive 10 minutes early. Face Mask, Prayer rug, and social distancing is required per Maryland State law.

2 thoughts on “Baitus Samad is now open for Jummah prayers.

    • Asalamoalaikum Warahmatullah Dear Brother Mutiat Ajibola,
      Sorry about the delayed answer, Alhamdolillah, the mosque was opened on past Friday, 3/12/2021. There are some restrictions however, If you are a healthy male between the age of 15 and 70, then you will be allowed to come. If you have received a vaccine then its even better.
      Sermon will start at 1:30PM, Mask, prayer rug, and social distancing required as per state law. Hope to see you next Friday. Insh’aAllah.

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