We celebrated the Musleh Moud Day

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Baltimore Chapter Celebrates

Musleh Moud Day

On February 25, 2018, members of Baltimore Chapter gathered at Masjid Bait-us-Sammad to participate in the program.


Program started at 2: 30 pm with the beautiful recitation of Holy Quran by Habib Aina.


Qasam Shams read the English translation.


Halim Chaudhary Sahib recited one of the Urdu Poems of Hazrat Musleh Moud and also read its English Translation.


Fatehuddin Sahib read the Urdu text of the Prophecy of Musleh Moud.


Imam Abdullah Dibba read the English translation of the Prophecy.


Ex-president of Baltimore Chapter Dr. Mirza Amin Baig Sahib, shared his experience of a Friday Sermon in Qadian before partition of India. Baig Sahib told the audience how Hazrat Mirza Bashirduddin Mahmud Ahmad was giving sermon about prophecy of Musleh Moud, when Hazrat Mufti Mohammad Sadiq Sahib stood during the Sermon, and pointed at Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, that all Ahmadies believe that he is the Musleh Moud and then sat down.


After this there was a Jeopardy style quiz competition between Nasirat (young girls) and Atfal (young boys). The Quiz was prepared and refereed by Sardar Anees Ahmad Sahib of Silver Spring Chapter.


Boy’s side was captained by Samar Khawaja and girl’s side , which was upstairs, was captained by Samreen Khawaja.


Quiz was pretty tough and many adults openly admitted that even they didn’t know half of the answers. It included interested questions like

  • What sport Hazrat Musleh Moud got lessons? Answer : Wrestling
  • What was the real name of Umme Nasir , his first wife ? Answer: Rasheeda Begum Sahiba
  • Names of all of his wives?
  • Which wife was Arab?
  • Who proposed his name for Khilafat?
  • Some interesting stories like when he hunted a parrot and Promised Messiah didn’t like it.

It was a very close competition, almost all the questions were answered. At the end boys won by a slight margin based on a technicality and girls gave the moderator quite some tough time.


In the end Mirza Zahir Ahmad who came from Potomac Maryland and is grandson of Hazrat Musleh Moud shared some incidence from the life of Hazrat Musleh Moud.


Program ended with refreshments served to all the guests.

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