The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA is a spiritual organization. And our faith inspires us to do good. The holy Quran states, “…feed them there with and clothe them and speak to them words of kind advice. 4:6”. Our city is in need and we cannot waste this opportunity to serve.

Therefore, we have adopted a senior citizen home located at 1520 W. North Avenue (adjacent to the CVS pharmacy that was burned by the riots). Our community is providing hot meals to over 60 seniors who depend on this facility for their sustenance.

Our members cook, deliver and pay for the food. As the situation remains turbulent, we ask that you please pray for our team of volunteers. 

Contact us for further details. 

Attend an event to discuss race relations, contact Hammad.Ahmad@Ahmadiyya.us

Want to help? Contact Hammad.Ahmad@Ahmadiyya.us

Media inquires? Contact Faheem.Younus@Ahmadiyya.us

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