• Anyone is welcome to pray and grow with us.
  • Our Jummah service is held at 1:30 pm. The sermon is always in English.
  • Ask our Imam if interested in enrolling your kids for Quran classes.
  • Our congregation is diverse. You can always expect a cup of hot tea or coffee.
  • Timings of the 5-daily prayers are posted on the entrance door, next to the parking lot.
  • Our mosque has 5 handicap parking spots, accessible bathrooms, and comfortable seating.
  • Use the entrance from the parking lot for daily prayers. Ladies have an equal and independent area on the second floor. Use the door to the right of men’s entrance.

For non-Muslim Guests

  • We also welcome our non-Muslim guests with open hearts and hope that you will feel comfortable to ask questions and grow in relationship with us. Here are the answers to some of the FAQs of our non-Muslim guests:
  • Where can I sit? Islam believes in equality. You can sit wherever you like.
  • Should I take my shoes off? Please take your shoes off before stepping on the light and dark green carpeted prayer area. Keep your shoes on everywhere else in the building.
  • Is there a dress code? Any modest dress is ok. Female guests are not required to cover their head but we deeply appreciate if someone does it out of their own volition.
  • Why are men hesitant to shake hands with female guests? As a part of our faith, Muslims hug and shake hands within the same genders only. This applies to both men and women.
  • Is photography allowed? Yes. Feel free to take pictures of the exterior and the men’s area downstairs.
  • I’m attending some educational classes about Islam. Who do I ask? Please ask the Imam (the person who leads the prayers) to give you more details about the classes and various programs we offer.